Journey To Edge

Expedition to the Antarctic Edge

10 People Will Change Their Destiny

10 Travelers can join me on this epic journey which will transcend time and beliefs itself.
The Seats are limited because of the arrangement I have for this trip which includes all essentials for 10 travelers and crew.
I wish I could take more but we can be the mavericks who change the perception of reality once and for all.



Dear Patrons & Supporters,

We are updating this whole blog part by part now that we are so close to the goal. Last two seats are remaining so do contact us if you are still interested in this expedition to Antarctica.

We will not be entertaining any free seats or services in exchange for seat. This is for those people only who want to experience the farthest reaches of Antarctica with a fully equipped mission plan, logistics and support in place. This is not available to open public, no matter what anyone says.

Do contact directly to or use the Contact Page of this blog and be specific.


  1. Availability to Travel at a months notice
  2. Availability of US$ 100,000.00 in Bitcoins
  3. Travel Documents – Valid Passport

Do not contact us if you do not have any of these ready.